ME Water Buffalo Co. - Maine Raised, All Natural Water Buffalo Meat & Dairy
Water Buffalo Meat Prices 
Due to a hiccup in production, we are not anticipating having any available water buffalo meat until fall 2019. Follow us on Facebook for updates. 

Ground   $10.50/lb.
Sausage (hot Italian, sweet Italian or garlic)   $12.25/lb.
Chuck Steak     $11.75/lb. 
Top Round Steak     $12.25/lb. 
London Broil Steak     $12.25/lb. 
Tip Steak     $15.50/lb. 
T-Bone Steak     $16.25/lb.
Sirloin Strip Steak  $17.25/lb. 
Stew Meat     $11.75/lb.
N.Y. Sirloin Steak     $21.25/lb. 
Ribeye Steak $22.00/lb. 
Porterhouse Steak $18.95/lb. 
Filet Mignon $27.00/lb.
Liver  $5.50/lb. 
Heart     $10.00/lb. 
marrow bones     $4.00/lb. 
knuckle bones     $4.00/lb.
soup bones     $4.75/lb. 
oxtail     $6.00/lb. 
Tongue     $8.50/lb. 

All steaks are boneless unless otherwise noted. 

Smoked Water Buffalo Products
sold out for 2018
BUFFERONI (water buffalo pepperoni)          $20.00/lb.
BUFFALAMI (water buffalo summer sausage)   $20.00/lb.
BUFFALO KIELBASA                              $20.00/lb.
BUFFALO HOT DOGS                             $20.00/lb.

All of our water buffalo smoked products
are made with our own water buffalo meat. 
NO animal by-products put in & NO nitrates.
Something you can feel good about sinking your teeth into.

Come see us at the market
to find out about seasonal specials...

 Our water buffalo sausage links come in 3 flavors: Hot Italian, Sweet Italian & Garlic.
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