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And Then Some...

Other things to find at ME Water Buffalo Co...


Feed the bunnies & watch them munch their treats.

Buffalo Babies!!!

During our calf cuddling events , there's a good chance you could get a calf smooch!

Wallow Wagon Rides!

Pasture rides out to see the water buffalo up close with an informational talk about water buffalo.

Farm Store Goodies!!

In addition to water buffalo cheeses, yogurt, gelato & water buffalo meat & pork, you can also remember your visit to the farm with farm tees, hats, tallow soaps, tallow balms, postcards, notecards, etc.


We grow these little bacon seeds for their delicious meat. Our pigs get the yummy, high protein whey from our cheesemaking. Check out our PORK PAGE to see how you can try some of our delicious whey fed pork for yourself.


Spring means gardening & gardens need fertilizer. We've got you covered! Manure can be purchased by the 5 gallon bucket full ($5 & you provide the bucket) or by the tractor bucket full. 

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