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We are still working on our 2022 schedule for this.  

AVAILABLE Mon.-Thurs. & Sat.'s 

Due to Covid-19 & social distancing, we understand that every family has their own comfort level of being around others at this time. We have decided to offer up an alternative to our CALF CUDDLING EVENT DAYS to individuals that may want even more distancing & more of a one-on-one calf cuddling opportunity. CALF CUDDLING ENCOUNTER... This relaxing encounter session is for up to 4 people. Participants can hang out with a calf in a stall or outdoor pen (weather dependent) for up to an hour. You can pet & snuggle the calf as well as take plenty of photos. Besides us, your group will be the only (human) ones in the barn.

$100 for an Hour Calf Cuddling Encounter Session. A walk around farm tour is included with this at no additional charge.

Email [email protected] to schedule.