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Back in 2008, an accidental trip to pick up a guinea pig for the kids led our family to our first face to face meeting with a water buffalo. At that moment, it was love at first sight! Since then, we have been on an incredible journey, learning, laughing, crying & getting a lot of awkward looks (Water buffalo???Really???). We never dreamed that life would take us down this road, but it has been priceless.

Our original story... Both Brian & Jessica were raised in Maine on family farms, & had decided that farm life was not for us. Brian wanted to raise some horses when he retired & Jessica wanted to raise the kids only & possibly a small livestock animal (pygmy goats maybe???). How God must be laughing at us now! Our "plans" went out the window! We began raising water buffalo shortly after our first introduction, & had no idea where it would take us. In fact, we still don't. Through a lot of sweat, prayers, hiccups & learning, we are enjoying the story with anticipation of the next chapter & we invite you to share in this adventure with us.

Our updated story... In the fall of 2022, we were devastated at the unexpected loss of Brian. Not just co-owner of ME Water Buffalo Co., but a husband, dad & grumpa. The love & role  Brian had at creating & co-operating ME Water Buffalo Co. can never be replaced. However, the dream behind ME Water Buffalo Co. still remains. Jessica & the kiddos still  push forward, raising the herd of water buffalo, milking, making cheese & sharing the adventure with others. This farm was years in the making with our hearts poured into it & even though there may be a few glitches along the way as we adjust to operations without Brian & heart healing, water buffalo & this farm still remain our happy place.

We have fallen in love with these animals & hope to pursue many avenues of promoting them. Out of respect for our herd, we continue to incorporate the "whole animal-no waste" attitude by striving to utilize them for their many qualities: meat nutrition, delicious & healthy dairy, skulls & horns that we sell, as well as tallow soap & tallow lipbalms.

*The background picture on this page is our very first water buffalo, "Pablo"

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