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We are a family owned & operated

water buffalo farm located in beautifully scenic Appleton, Maine,

raising a herd of  water buffalo for their

exceptionally creamy milk, their deliciously healthy meat

&  for the love of it!

Water Buffalo Milk

     Water buffalo milk is deliciously creamy & a tad bit sweet. It has high butterfat which makes it ideal for cheese making. Water buffalo milk has more calcium & proteins than traditional milks & has about twice the solids as cows milk (making our whole milk yogurt more like a thick Greek yogurt without straining it). Water buffalo milk tends to be easier for folks to digest who suffer from lactose intolerance issues. Did you know that in Italy, water buffalo milk is what is traditionally used to make their mozzarella?

Water Buffalo Meat

Water buffalo meat has long been an important part of the diets of people all over the world, where water buffalo are in abundance, & it is now finally making its way to the United States. Water buffalo meat has an incredible nutritional value that far outweighs the competing meat sources that we have been accustomed to. Some of the most prominent differences are in its comparison to beef. Water buffalo contains less saturated fat, less cholesterol, fewer calories & more protein than beef. The taste of water buffalo is also a large factor that sets it apart from other meat sources. It has a taste & texture similar to beef, although it's flavor is much more mild & it tends to have a softer texture. In other words, it tastes great!

Our Mission...

All of us at ME Water Buffalo Co. strongly believe in raising a natural product, unaltered by hormones, chemicals or additives and therefore our herd of water buffalo is pasture fed with hay & grass. Our water buffalo meat is USDA inspected to ensure a quality product for you, as well as our own family. It is with great pleasure that we at ME Water Buffalo Co. have the privilege to bring this to our community. 

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We are proud members of:

the Maine Cheese Guild  &

the American Water Buffalo Association

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